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Customised Face Yoga class at a time convenient to you! Want to learn Face Yoga by Vibhuti Arora techniques with a personalised routine for yourself? This is the ideal Face Yoga workout for you.

Course Instructor Face Yoga School by House of Beauty


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Course Overview

What's Included?

✅Face analysis

 ✅Personalised Face yoga massage techniques

✅ Signature 1 min Vibhuti Massage

✅Face Tools demonstration


✅6-8 Techniques with 12-20 counts of practice of each technique. 

CLASS DETAILS : Class will be held on Zoom 💻🎥, Total session time 45-60 mins. 

What you need for the class?

-Face Serum & Face Oil and Napkin. 

-A hairband always helps if you do not want your hair getting greasy.  

Timings - Choose from the drop down! 


We reserve the right to change classes and/or trainers in the schedule up to 24hours before the scheduled class time, due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Please Note: All cancellations/rescheduling must be done 24 hours prior to avoid 25% deduction fee.

Schedule of Classes

Start Date & End Date

May 15 2023 - May 15 2023

Total Classes

22 Classes

Course Curriculum

1 Subject

Personal Face Yoga Class with Senior Teacher (New)

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Course Instructor

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Face Yoga School by House of Beauty

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