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Marma Points in Ayurveda/Acupressure Points (E-Learning)

In Ayurveda, Marma is considered to be a point of Yogi healing. They are the vital points of our body which contain ‘Prana’ or life energy. The human body is considered to have 108 marma points out of which 107 are present in the human body which controls the body energy and vitality - also controls the 7 chakras of the human body. The 108th marma point is the soul. अभ्यङ्गं आचरेत नित्यं, सजराश्रमवातह दृष्टि प्रसाद पुष्टि आयु: सुस्वप्न सुत्वक् दार्ढ्यक़ृत् शिर: श्रवणपादेषु तं विशेषन शीलयेत वर्ज्योअभ्यंग: कफग्रस्थकृतसंशुद्धिअजिर्णिभि “Massage should be done daily, morning. It delays ageing, relieves tiredness and excess of Vata (aches and pains). It improves vision, nourishes body tissues, prolongs age, induces good sleep and improves skin tone and complexion. Massage should be specially done on ears, head and legs.”

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Course Overview

Marma Points This course includes the location and the purpose of Marma therapy. Stimulation of these Marma/acupressure points affects everything from the health of the organs to treat various internal and external diseases.

Topics Covered :

  • Constitution of marma points
  • Benefits of Marma
  • Marma points in Ayurveda for healing
  • Introduction to Marma Therapy
  • How to do a Marma Therapy
  • Benefits of Marma Therapy
  • Marma formulas for modern issues
  • Marma in a Rogi & Nirogi sharir

Who is it for?

For those looking for self knowledge or awareness. 

For those looking to start a career in Ayurveda. 

For those looking at advancement of skills. 

Incase you want to work at an Ayurvedic doctors clinic. 

You want to get certification home remedial therapies. 

Work at a spa as a consultant or manager. 

Start your own practice.

No. of recorded sessions : 3

Eligibility :

These courses are available for anyone who is 12th pass in any field.  

Note: Please note after this course you shall be able to massage, analyse and consult clients but not prescribe any ingestible drugs.

Terms & Conditions :

Once purchased we do not allow Refunds.

Subscription valid for 3 months. 

Schedule of Classes

Start Date & End Date

Jun 08 2023 - Jun 15 2023

Course Curriculum

1 Subject

Marma Points in Ayurveda/Acupressure Points (E-Learning)

1 Exercises 7 Learning Materials

Course Content & Introduction

Marma Introduction and functions


All about Marma


Marma Therapy

Marma therapy


Marma Face and Neck

Marma face and neck


Marma Front, Back and Mind

Marma front back and mind


Marma for Upper Limb

Marma of upper limb


Marma Formula

Marma formula



Marma Points in Ayurveda/Acupressure Points (E-Learning) Test


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